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 Kent Marmon for State Representative
District 11, Seat B (Caldwell Area)
Republican Primary - May 17, 2022

Qualified • Experienced • Transparent • Principled • Conservative • Republican

A Caldwell Native, Kent Marmon has been deeply involved in his community

     Kent is a third generation Caldwellite.  His paternal grandmother arrived by covered wagon as a child prior to Idaho Statehood.  His paternal grandfather homesteaded just west of town sixteen years after Idaho became a State.  His maternal grandparents were born and raised in the Treasure Valley.  Kent was born and raised in Caldwell, graduated from Caldwell High School, attended the College of Idaho and Boise State University, completing his education with honors from Northwest Nazarene University with a Business Administration Major.

     Kent and his wife, Sylvia, raised three children in Caldwell, and are the grandparents of fourteen.

    Kent managed and later owned the family business, Treasure Craft, a printing business established by his parents in 1953.  He also spent time working in retail with Albertsons, holding management positions from Front-End Manager to acting Store Director, and as Operations Manager for an Ace Hardware franchisee, setting up two new stores in the valley.  He was later hired by MotivePower, a division of WABTEC (a builder of commuter locomotives) to develop and implement their training program, creating over 35 complete educational programs.

     He understands all of the challenges and joys of owning and operating a small business in an ever-changing economy, calling them "the backbone of America's economy."

     Kent's community service began at age 16 when he developed plans for a Youth-Senior Citizen Center.  He was granted land near the Caldwell Park for the center and got the donated support of several professionals to set up a corporation, design the facility and to build it.  The seniors that were working with Kent at the time felt that they should have a center of their own -- that kids already had it all with schools, ball fields, etc., so the project stalled.  A few years later, the project was revived, and, using the blueprints donated for the project, a new Senior Citizen Center was built by the city on Everett Street -- a facility that has since been expanded and is still in use today.

     Kent served on the Caldwell City Council in the mid-1980s.  His work included securing funding from the FAA for the initial expansion of the then Caldwell Industrial Airport; helping create a funding mechanism to build a new clubhouse at Purple Sage Golf Course and expand the facilities at the Caldwell Municipal Golf Course, including new golfcart storage and bringing O'Connor Fieldhouse and the surrounding facilities back under city control, hiring a manager, and completing the first renovation of the facility that included a new roof, insulation of the facility along with a new heating and cooling system and concession stand.  He also pressed for a pressurized irrigation system to replace a failed flood irrigation system in one of the City's Irrigation Districts, and supported a shift of that district's management from the City to a board elected by the patrons of the District.  He was a dedicated and hard-working member of the Council.

     He is a Life Member of Kiwanis International, a service organization, and served as Club Secretary and President, Lieutenant Governor (serving clubs of the Treasure Valley), as Governor of the Utah-Idaho District and as a Kiwanis International Certified Trainer and Committee Chairman.  He was awarded the Circle of Service Award by Circle K International, the college-aged service club sponsored by Kiwanis International.

     After earning the rank of Eagle Scout while in high school, he went on to serve as a Scoutmaster, District Chairman and member of the Ore-Ida Council Executive Board.  For his extraordinary service to Scouting, he was awarded both the District Award of Merit as well as the highest award a Council can award -- The Silver Beaver.

    Kent was organizing Vice President of Early Parenting Support Services, Inc. in Caldwell, and was founding President of Caldwell Crime Stoppers, Inc. and Neighborhood Watch.  He also served as Small Business Chair of Fundraising for The United Way. 

    He served as a member of the School Board of Caldwell School District during a period of upheaval, assisting in interviewing candidates and ultimately hiring a new Superintendent.  While on the School Board, Kent served on the team that negotiated the Teacher Contract and was instrumental in moving several of the contract items into Board Policy.  For his work on the Caldwell School Board, Kent was awarded a Level II Excellence Award for Boardmanship by the Idaho School Board Association.

       Kent has served for the last several years as an Elections Pollworker or Senior Judge along with his wife, Sylvia.

      He has been involved in Republican Party politics for most of his life, working on campaigns, serving as District Chair of the Canyon County Republican Party and was instrumental in the drafting of the Republican State Platform eight years ago.  Several years ago, while he was involved with the family business, he helped draft a Senate bill to stop government competition with private businesses across the state, rallying many businesses in support of the bill.  The bill, while it passed in the Senate came up one vote short in the House, but it was just the beginning of Kent's annual involvement with the Legislature.  Just last year, Kent wrote a proposal to overhaul Idaho's Property Tax that he sent to his own and to key Legislators.  His proposal is currently being studied by Legislators and it is possible that a bill may still be introduced this session using that plan as a framework.

     Kent continues to follow the activities of the Legislature daily -- watching Committee Hearings and Floor activities on live-stream, reading and studying bills, and contacting Legislators.

      Like anything else he has done in his life, Kent does his homework and works tirelessly to accomplish his goals.  He will work hard for you as a member of the Idaho Legislature.  You can count on it.


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Your Vote Counts

February 14, 2022

     There are so many challenges facing us in Idaho today -- more so now than just about any time in our history as a state.

     From much needed Property Tax Reform to lessening the hit on our pocketbooks putting food on the table -- Parental control and choice in their children's education to Medical Choice and Medical Freedom... you need to take a stand on May 17th with your vote.


     Every ten years, the U.S. Census is completed throughout the country.

     With population changes comes the need to redraw Legislative and Con-gressional Districts.  This work has been completed, and after the new lines were challenged, the Idaho Supreme Court approved the new Districts as created by the non-partisan citizen Re-Districting Committee. 

     Much of what made up District 10 in the last election is now District 11.  The Precincts are also changing, but those lines have not yet been completed by the County.

     The map at the left shows the out-side borders of our new District which takes in Caldwell and some of the sur-rounding area in the County.

      For more information about elections in Canyon County, please click on this link:   Elections | Canyon County

Kent Marmon on the Issues

Repeal Grocery Tax.jpg

     With rapidly rising property values also come rapidly rising -- crippling -- Property Taxes that are not only forcing Idahoans to make choices about leaving their homes but forcing already high rental rates even higher.

     71.6% of Idahoans own their homes, while 28.4% rent.  While homeowners can take a Homeowner's Exemption of $125,000 from the assessed valuation before the tax is calculated, owners of rental properties pay the full tax on their properties, passing those higher 

     Only 45 states have Sales Tax.

     31 of those 45 states exempt food from Sales Tax.

     14 states charge Sales Tax on food.

     4 states (Idaho, Hawaii, Kansas and Oklahoma) charge the same Sales Tax on food that they charge on everything else.  In Idaho, the Sales Tax rate is 6%.

     Idahoans want the Sales Tax on food repealed.

     This Legislature isn't giving you what you want.  It's time to elect those who will!

Property Tax Reform.jpg

taxes on to the renters, forcing rental rates up.

     To make matters worse, 16.7% of Idaho's population is aged 65-or-older, and are on fixed retirement incomes.  Many of them worked all of their lives to purchase their homes and are now faced with the terrible possibility of losing them because they can't afford the life-long "rent" being charged in the form of Property Tax.

       Kent Marmon drafted a plan for Property Tax Reform that he submitted to Legislators over a year ago.  At this point, there might be a bill in the works that would implement at least part of Kent's plan, but whether a bill that will bring about major reform to this terrible government-funding tax will be presented this session is not clear.

        The next Legislature must solve this problem.  Since the current Legislature isn't taking up this challenge, it's time to elect people who will.

educational choice.jpg

     Parents want only the best for their children.  Kent Marmon believes that parents are best equipped to make educational choices for their children.

   In order to make that happen, Idaho's parents of the 475,020 children aged 18-and-under need to have the choice of where and how their children are educated.

  Idaho's Constitution guarantees each child "free" education.  Nearly 25% of our state's budget is dedicated to K-12 Education.  Those funds should follow the students to where Idaho's parents feel will provide their student with the very best educational opportunities.

     While Idaho is 23rd in the nation for K-12 achievement, 5th in the nation for College Readiness, 5th in the nation in

the nation with NAEP Math scores and 10th in the nation with NAEP Reading scores, we are 45th in the nation with our high school graduation rate.

     Of our surrounding states, we rank higher in K-12 Achievement, except for Washington (ranked 11th) and Utah (ranked 21st).  The other states are way behind us in this area:  Oregon, 37th; Montana, 36th; Wyoming, 39th and Nevada, 48th.

     Idaho ties with Washington in both NAEP Math and Reading scores, and with Wyoming in NAEP Math scores.  Only Utah has us beat in any NAEP scores, with their Reading scores ranked number 6 in the nation. 

      Only Utah beats Idaho in the percentage of their state budget dedicated to education (25.3%).  The other five neighboring states dedicate less of their state budget than Idaho does:  Oregon, 12%; Washington, 22.7%; Montana, 15.8%; Wyoming, 9.4% and Nevada, 16.1%.

     We can't have what happened early in the Pandemic to ever happen again.  Kent Marmon believes that each and every person is "essential," and that every business is "essential," and that each person should have the freedom to take responsibility for their protection from any kind of illness.

   With less than 1% of those infected with COVID becoming seriously ill or worse, those who had other serious health conditions that they felt would make them more susceptible to serious illness should have taken the precautions they felt necessary to protect themselves without government interference or mandates.

      Government mandates that closed down businesses, 

medical freedom.jpg

churches and other activities amounted to government over-reach.

     Kent Marmon will not support further "mandates", "Medical Passports," or mandated vaccines, and supports the freedom of every individual to make their own medical decisions regarding prevention, protection and treatment of any illness or disease they might encounter.

Sanctity of Life.jpg

     Kent Marmon believes in the sanctity of life from conception to the end of life by natural or accidental causes.

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1924 Fillmore Street - Caldwell, ID 83605


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