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Republican Primary • May 21, 2024
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About Kent....


        Kent was born and raised in Caldwell, graduated from Caldwell High School, attended the College of Idaho and Boise State University, completing his education with honors from Northwest Nazarene University with a Business Administration Major.

        He and his wife, Sylvia, raised three children in Caldwell, and have fourteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

        He managed and later owned the family business, Treasure Craft, a printing business established by his parents in 1951.  He also spent time working in retail with Albertsons, holding management positions from Front-End Manager to acting Store Director, and as Operations Manager for an Ace Hardware franchisee, setting up and running two stores in the valley.  He later worked for MotivePower, a division of WABTEC (a builder of commuter locomotives) to develop and implement their training program, creating over 35 complete training programs.

        Kent served on the Caldwell City Council and as a Trustee of Caldwell School District.

        He has been deeply involved in community service since he was sixteen years old in various organizations including Scouting, Caldwell Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis International, and Early Parenting Support Services where he has served in various leadership positions.  Kent has also worked as an Elections Poll worker or Senior Judge for several years.

        Throughout the past several Sessions, Kent has followed the activities of the Legislature, watching Committee Hearings and Floor activities on live stream, reading and studying bills, and sending out newsletters throughout the Session letting folks know the status of bills and calling on his "subscribers" to contact their Legislators on issues of importance to all Idahoans.

        Like anything else he has done in his life, Kent does his homework and works tirelessly to accomplish his goals.  He will work hard for you as a member of the Idaho Legislature.  You can count on it!


Your Vote Counts

     There are so many challenges facing us in Idaho today -- more so now than just about any time in our history as a state.

     From much needed Property Tax Reform to lessening the hit on our pocketbooks putting food on the table -- Parental control and choice in their children's education to Medical Choice and Medical Freedom... you need to take a stand on May 21, 2024 with your vote.


     The map at the left shows the out-side borders of District 11 which takes in Caldwell and some of the surrounding area in Canyon County.

      For more information about elections in Canyon County, please click on this link:   Elections | Canyon County

       You can check your Precinct, Polling Place and other Voter Information at Canyon County Elections. as well.

Kent Marmon on the Issues...

Eliminate Sales Tax on Groceries

Property Tax needs major reform or repeal

     With rapidly rising property values also come rapidly rising -- crippling -- Property Taxes that are not only forcing Idahoans to make choices about leaving their homes but forcing already high rental rates even higher.

      71.6% of Idahoans own their homes, while 28.4% rent.  While homeowners can take a Homeowner's Exemption of $125,000 from the assessed valuation before the tax is calculated, owners of rental properties pay the full tax on their properties, passing those higher 

     Only 45 states have Sales Tax.

     31 of those 45 states exempt food from Sales Tax.

     14 states charge Sales Tax on food.

     4 states (Idaho, Hawaii, Kansas and Oklahoma) charge the same Sales Tax on food that they charge on everything else.  In Idaho, the Sales Tax rate is 6%.

     Idahoans want the Sales Tax on food repealed.

     This Legislature isn't giving you what you want.  It's time to elect those who will!

taxes on to the renters, forcing rental rates up.

     To make matters worse, 16.7% of Idaho's population is aged 65-or-older and are on fixed retirement incomes.  Many of them worked all of their lives to purchase their homes and are now faced with the terrible possibility of losing them because they can't afford the life-long "rent" being charged in the form of Property Tax.

        Your home is your castle -- and you should not have to "pay rent" to the government in perpetuity in the form of Property Taxes.

       Kent Marmon drafted a plan for Property Tax Reform that he submitted to Legislators a couple years ago.  There was some movement on Property Tax reduction during the last Session of the Legislature -- but it fell short of the reform that all Idahoans deserve.

        The next Legislature must solve this problem.  Since the current Legislature isn't taking up this challenge, it's time to elect people who will.

Idaho's parents deserve freedom and choice in the education of their children

         Parents want only the best for their children.  Kent Marmon believes that parents are best equipped to make educational choices for their children.

        In order to make that happen, Idaho's parents of the 475,020 children aged 18-and-under need to have the choice of where and how their children are educated.

       Idaho's Constitution guarantees each child "free" education.  Nearly 25% of our state's budget is dedicated to K-12 Education.  Those funds should follow the students to where Idaho's parents feel will provide their student with the very best educational opportunities.


Medical Freedom for all Idahoans must be protected

     We can't have what happened early in the Pandemic to ever happen again.  Kent Marmon believes that each and every person is "essential," and that every business is "essential," and that each person should have the freedom to take responsibility for their protection from any kind of illness.

      Government mandates that closed down businesses, churches and

other activities amounted to government over-reach.

       Kent Marmon will not support further "mandates," "Medical Passports," or mandated vaccines, and supports the freedom of every individual to make their own medical decisions regarding prevention, protection and treatment of any illness or disease they might encounter.

Sanctity of Life (Pro-Life)

     Kent Marmon believes in the sanctity of life from conception to the end of life by natural or accidental causes.

Protect Constitutional Rights  (Pro Bill of Rights:  Speech, Religion, Guns)

       Our Constitutional Rights come from God and are not negotiable.  Government has the responsibility of protecting those Rights.

       Government has no business infringing on those Rights in any way, shape or formand Kent will fight any attempts by others who attempt to do so.

Destructive Climate Policies (Opposes knee-jerk "Green New Deal" ideology)

       "Climate Change" is natural.  The idea that we can change the climate through governmental policies and increased taxation is ludicrous.

       As technology improves in the arena of alternative energy and products, the marketplace will undoubtedly come up with innovative new processes and products -- and it is the private sector, not government, that should bring those things to the marketplace.

        Kent opposes government mandates that inhibit the freedom of the marketplace, including prohibition of the sale of vehicles, tools or eequipment that utilize fossil fuels.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance is bad for a free people  (Keep the marketplace free!)

       Environmental, social, and corporate governance, also known as environmental, social, and governance, is a set of aspects considered when investing in companies, that recommends taking environmental issues, social issues and corporate governance issues into account.  It allows for a "political agenda" to take precedence in lending policies that could be used to place undue resstrictions and limits on our free marketplace.

       Kent Marmon opposes the expansion of ESG in Idaho and the investment of Idaho tax dollars with any firms that are utilizing that practice.

ELECTION LAW DEALING WITH CONTRIBUTIONS The maximum contribution for individuals, corporations, labor organizations, PACs, National Party Organizations and other Recognized Legal Entities is $1,000 per election cycle. Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited by law. Donations are not deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.

Thanks for submitting!


1924 Fillmore Street - Caldwell, ID 83605


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